• AGE: 23
  • HEIGHT: 5'6" - 164 cm
  • WEIGHT: 145lbs - 58 kg
  • EYES: Brown
  • HAIR: Black
  • BREAST: Small
  • BODY: Average
  • ETHNICITY: Black
  • CITY: Madrid

I wanna find love but aslso be able to make LOVE…..NO ome really takes the time to pick at the minf of a girl of my calibre i just wanna be happy with that one guy who will accept me and take take each other for a ride…Really get to know me and lets build….Embark on a journey with a girl for fun…. make love to my mind and caress my thoughts… enter into me and pull me close…whisper into my ear… lets drift off into ecstasy pretending to be the only two here…. hold on tight as I do the same as we reach a paradise and our comfort zone…. in and out seems to b forever but its so good and our bodies touch making its own music as we clinch together with no thought of letting go